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  • Mehrere weiße und ein großer gelber Fisch vor schwarzem Hintergrund.

The Significant Value of Difference

In an ideal world, everyone we interact with understands us fully and sees the world the way we do. Making life happier, more straightforward, and consistent. The world we [...]

  • Kreis mit dem Wort Coaching in der Mitte vor Ziegelwand.

Coaching—What is in it for me?

There is something very special about speaking with a coach. They listen to you and ask questions like anybody else, you might think, but in such a way that magic [...]

  • Masha Ibeschitz hält einen Vortrag.

Change is always agile?!

The other week I was invited to Italy to give a keynote speech on „How to get management ready for change.” With a group of 30 entrepreneurs I discussed [...]

  • Person die eine Glühbirne vor einen rosa-blauen Hintegrund hält.

Resilience – Mental strength training

How we train our inner resistance and strengthen our motivationWhat makes people resilient? Why do some people manage to react calmly and flexibly to crises and break new ground with [...]

Female Recruiting

Interview with Mag.a Alexandra Singer-Weidinger I would like to hire more women, where and how do I find the right candidate? Time and again, HR managers complain about the [...]

All Leadership or what?

You'd think that everything has already been written about leadership, and yet hardly any other area of management has changed as massively as leadership as a result of changing values, [...]


Love and leadership, two areas in life I have been on a quest to understand well. 'Love' perhaps a little longer than leadership. Today, 23 years into my professional [...]

So, what do you want?

Now, there’s a question. One conclusion I have come to in my years in this business is this: All organisational problems stem from the inability of one person to look [...]

Mindful leaders

There is a massive responsibility in the hand of any leader in this world.  The pressure and expectations in the higher positions are immense and harm us if we do [...]

We have a conflict. Now what?

This blog article is the first in a two-part series, looking at some guidance on addressing workplace conflict. While it may be tempting to look for universal formulas and approaches, I have [...]

Coaching Conversations

Coaching is so much more than just a conversation! Coaching goes beyond the ability to ask questions and listen attentively. Coaching explores personality traits, behavioural habits and thinking processes. [...]

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