Beyond training.

Let’s create connected & highly effective
leadership development journeys.

How to find out what’s truly necessary?

To excel in today’s business surroundings, leaders need immediate and precisely fitting learning impulses. And they need long-term development perspectives. At the same time, any content, any module needs to be in close relation to current business challenges. Otherwise we risk to waste time and money on “nice-to-have” development initiatives.

So, let’s talk about: What do you need to achieve as an organisation? And how exactly do you get there?


The more connection, the more impact is possible. For leadership development journeys that means: isolated standalone measures can’t have a place in competitive, innovative and successful organizations. At Think Beyond, we specialise in connecting the dots of development initiatives. For maximum impact throughout the whole organization. And real business results. Measures contributing to that goal are stakeholder involvement, networks of development and mutual learning support, cross-department cooperation. And many more. Want to know details? Get in touch!

high efficiency.

What would be possible if 100 years of transfer know-how would start working in favor of your development initiative? At Think Beyond, we have a crush on learning transfer. We even wrote a book about it with a savvy transfer researcher. And we have more than 20 years of experience in making learning stick. For sustainable change of behavior. And development measures that go from satisfaction to trackable change. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Process for highly effective leadership development jorneys

1. Precise your
business need

What is the most pressing pain currently? What is missing in order to be successful as an organization?

Let’s find out by thorough questionnaires and quick and effective board workshops.

2. Define success-critical behavior

How exactly to your people need to behave in order to solve current challenges? And how would we see that we’re successful?

Based on the Kirkpatrick methodoly, we define behavior, performance drivers and mission-critical milestones together.

3. Derive the perfect

process design

Which learning format supports the expected behavior the best way possible? Who needs to interact and learn with whom?

Based on top-notch learning research and 20 years of design experience, we set up an effective learning process. 

4. Create content &
rock delivery

An experienced team of facilitators and leadership expert around the globe brings to the (virtual) classroom what your people need in a given moment.

Experience, emotion, relevance – we know how to rock learning sessions and leadership workshops.

5. Constant evaluation &
meaningful adaption

What did we learn so far? How can add even more value? Which levers do we need to activate to create even more development impact?

Constant evaluation and adaption ideas are what our Loop Managers breathe. What do you need next? 

And then?

Start again! The Dynamic Loop Method works in continuous circles for holistic development results.

Check it out!

Let’s move beyond standalone mesures.

Development measures that contribute to short-term business goals AND long-term employee development goals are what we aim for. Together with you, we realize highly tailored, completely dynamic and measurable effective learning initiatives for your leaders.

Content & tools our customers found valuable.

Designing effective leadership development journeys is about choosing what helps your leaders most and then supporting them in making it work on the job. Here’s a selection of development elements, approaches and tools our customers experienced to be especially beneficial.

IMPACT—Ultimate Coaching Tools for Leaders

A certified learning journey with Masha Ibeschitz, bestselling author and executive coach.

For all leaders wanting to excel in their role!

Man with VR goggles

Digital Toolbox

Virtual learning support is natural for us. Our digital toolbox and according didactic consists of learning videos, webinars, online courses, learning platforms, virtual collaboration tools, video-based group sessions, virtual coaching and all of that also in a hybrid form. And if one cannot join a meeting in person, our telepresence robot Mr. Schmitt is on the way!


At its core, Mimikresonanz® trains the ability to accurately recognize the emotions of other people, to interpret them correctly and to deal with them appropriately.

Process Communication Model®

PCM® is a scientific personality and communication model, developed on the basis of the transaction analysis.

PCM® is a great tool to help leaders understand the depth of personality structure.

Thomas Olesch explains Wingfinder

Wingfinder® – Strengths assessment

Developed by Red Bull and based on 30 years of psychological research, Wingfinder is a personality assessment tool that focuses on strengths.

Wingfinder helps understand how you can leverage strengths and manage weaknesses in your career or in your team. If you want to ‘give wings’ to people and their ideas, our partner Thomas Olesch is the perfect fit.

Woman with laptop

SLII® Ken Blanchard

Managers need to be agile, lead situationally, and empower their people to succeed. That’s where SLII® steps in to teach leaders how to build meaningful connections and create exponential impact.


LSP is an innovative, experiential process. It deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue for everyone.

LSP is great for team building, strategy, innovation and change projects…

Group of people throwing a ball

Diversity & Inclusion

Creating and sustaining D&I in an organization needs a vision and strategy creating an environment that welcomes and accepts different ideas, perspectives and approaches.

We are here to help thrive innovation.

Let’s create impact together!

Which challenges do you need to solve right now?
How can we help your leaders to excel with joy and focus?