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  • You need results NOW!
  • You’re keen to learn what it takes to really be effective.
  • You want to give your people all they need to excel and create amazing results.
  • You need practical tools rather than fluffy theories.

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At Think Beyond, we’ve been passionate about transfer of corporate training for over 20 years. As a global collective of training and development professionals, we unite worldwide top-notch know-how and intense experience. Clearly, we never stop exploring and learning ourselves.

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The Transfer Training Hub is perfect for you if you are…

✔… an HR manager,

✔ HR developer,

✔ L&D / HRD consultant,

✔ Training designer (internal or external)

✔ Trainer & facilitator (internal or external),

✔ keen to find out how development impact & effectiveness really work.

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Transfer Training Tracks — Where do you want to start?

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Free Transfer Guide (PDF)
  • Instant overview of your status-quo
  • Detailed checklist
  • Action steps to increase transfer immediately

Get the transfer tools

Online workshop
  • The 12 Levers of Transfer Success
  • Fast & easy transfer success boost
  • Led by Chief Transfer Enable Masha Ibeschitz
  • Including the book “What makes training really work”
  • And including the practical transfer card set

Dive Deep

Certification program
  • Expert program
  • Holistic education on transfer success
  • Scientifically proven and manageable factors for your success
  • Including the unique Transfer Toolbox
  • Results included: guiding you through your own case!

Transfer training & impact around the globe

Learning and Innovation Forum 2020

Masha talking about Transfer Effectiveness in Tokyo, Japan. How to transfer knowledge into real life? Watch to learn more!

CIIE Congreso Internacional de Innovación Educativa 2021

What makes training really work? Meet Masha, bringing the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness to an engaged audience at Mexicos biggest L&D conference.

ATD Conference

Masha talking to an audience of 500 people in Washington about how to measure and transfer learnings effectively.

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Trackable Impact Guide & Checklist

Free PDF booklet

Are you already set-up for maximum transfer success? The Trackable Impact Guide is designed for you dear CEO, function head, HR and L&D professional. It’s to lead you – step by step – to measurable impact with existing or planned development measures!  

With the Trackable Impact Guide you’ll get  

  • a step-by-step impact checklist 
  • the best of transfer research packed to hands-on knowledge  
  • a set of reflection questions for transfer design   
  • quantitative and qualitative training evaluation support   
  • the tool of learner-centered feedback sheets  

Get the transfer tools
Transfer Fast Track Workshop

Online workshop

The fastest and easiest way to enter transfer success! Lern what transfer success depends on and equip yourself with the best transfer tools out there. After the 3-hour session you’ll be able to start immediately to make your trainings more effective. Live online masterclass including book & transfer card set.

With the transfer fast track you get

  • live online workshop (3 hours)
  • small learning group for extra intensity: max 8 people per event
  • the book “What Makes Training Really Work”
  • the Transfer Fast Track Kit with 50 best-practice tools for your next training
  • the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness card set

Become a transfer expert
Transfer Designer Certification

Online certification program

As an HRD professional, L&D consultant, training designer or trainer, you know the obstacles of training transfer from your own experience, and you want to do something about it. You want to take the training in your company and your industry to a new level. You want effectiveness to be your USP and seek access to the exclusive transfer community of people who think and act like you.

As certified transfer designer you’ll say:

  • I am aware of the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness® and I know how to control Transfer Success
  • I have a transfer concept ready for a real development program at my company (my real case)
  • I have developed specific tools and interventions to increase the effectiveness of my training programs
  • I am familiar with various tools and interventions to promote transfer effectiveness
Masha Ibeschitz

Your learning guide: Masha Ibeschitz

Think Beyond Chairperson &
Chief Transfer Enable at the Institute of Transfer Effectiveness

Masha understands the executive floors of the business world as she’s walking on them for more than 20 years now. In leading positions herself as well as an executive coach and consultant. She’s helping internationally operating companies to be more successful by leadership that resonates with people and business. Transfer is one key lever in this endeavor. As it helps HRD to sustainable change behavior in a way that it contributes to business success as well as people performance and passion.

As CEO and chairperson of Think Beyond Group she’s always striving to server her customers. In addition, she is investor and best-selling author of books on leadership impact, transfer and individual success. Masha lives happily together with her family in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

Transfer Training & knowledge transfer:
What we learned along the way

Business Connection is a must

In order to act as HRD professionals with tangible impact, we need to seek close collaboration with Business. Only if we collaborate at eye-level and in constant exchange, corporate training initiatives can unfold their biggest impact. No more second-guessing. No waste of precious time, money and energy. But measurable results that demonstrable contribute to business success.

Return of Expectations (RoE) rules!

By including all relevant stakeholders right from the beginning, we are able to clearly formulate their relevant Return of Expectations: What does business, sponsors, learners and other relevant groups need in order that a measure is a true success? RoE is a metric similar to RoI, obviously, but far more capable to measure the complexity of corporate learning initiatives.

Evaluation mindset for the win

In order to create learning initiatives that are sustainably successful, we need to alter our evaluation habits: Contrary to what we are used to, evaluation is nothing to be “done” in the end to see if it was a success. It’s not a task but a mindset. A mindset that constantly asks: How’s that going? What can we do to keep it relevant? To improve it even more? The evaluation mindset is our most promising companion when it comes to trainings that really work.

Start creating the development results you want!

Transfer Training FAQ

Our courses are for all professional people developers out there. Especially HRD managers, HRD developers, L&D managers, learning and development consultants, training designers as well as internal and external trainers.

The buttons on this page (>> Enroll me now!) lead you to a booking page. Choose your desired date, insert your invoice and payment data and you’re good to go. You’ll immediately receive a booking confirmation. In case of any doubts or questions, please get in touch at

If not explicitly stated otherwise, all our courses take place online.

Learning with peers is far more effective than learning on your own. So yes, we gladly offer discounts it you join together with a colleague or friend. You find the discounts on the course pages (Transfer Fast Track & Transfer Designer Certification).

Well, if you landed on this page you’re very likely to be A) responsible for people development in a way (HRD, trainer…) and B) keen to get more effective with it. So that’s what we have in common!

In addition, we bring  25 years of training and transfer experience to the table. As well as the best of science results out there and very hands-on tools and approaches to get you going. And of course, our courses are designed with maximum transfer in mind as well. Which means we help you to apply, apply, apply! And you can learn double: As a participant boosting your transfer knowledge, and as a participant exploring what it means to learn with transfer in mind.

Transfer of training means that learned behavior or heard theories are applied in practice. Sadly, high training transfer doesn’t come naturally. Robert Brinkerhoff found out: Without focusing on transfer, only 15% of people are able to bring learned content to their daily working routine. Which means: 85% of invested resources are waisted. Which no company can afford, especially in times of VUCA/BANI and pandemic. So investing in the transfer of your learning initiatives is investing in it’s effectiveness. The higher the training transfer of your corporate learning initiative the more on-the-job application. Which translates to: Less wasted resources, more impact and more results – for both learners and business.

A high focus on transfer of training initiatives creates the crucial link between learning and business need. Between training and results. Without focusing on it, we as people development professionals risk to waste valuable resources. And to frustrate all stakeholders from learners, sponsors and business managers to ourselves. Transfer effective trainings, on the other hand, make sure that people are able to show just that behavior needed in order to excel with joy and contribute to business results.

Transfer research is about 100 years old and over time identified more than 100 levers that influence transfer success. Astonishing data, but not very handy for HR and L&D professionals in their daily work. Luckily, researcher and transfer professional Dr. Ina Weinbauer jumped in. She took all the knowledge out there and delimited all those levers which we can’t influence actively. And you know what’s left after that? 12 precise levers of transfer effectiveness. Dr. Ina Weinbauer combined her extensive research with the practical training experience of Think Beyond CEO and founder Masha Ibeschitz and made them available via the practical workbook What Makes Training Really Work. Needless to say: The concept is also the base for all resources and development options here at the Transfer Training Hub.

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