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Want to be on top of your leadership game? Refresh your knowledge with the most important tools every leader who #thinksbeyond must have! Our toolboxes cover the basic and most important tools that every leader needs to use as well as powerful new tools on how to manage yourself and your team during times of crises or conflict situations.


Mental agility, maximum business and transfer focus, permanent learning and the continuous development of people and organizations are the key to successful business in a world that increasingly eludes long-term planning and control.

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Reading has many benefits and is definitely an essential part of leadership development. An active literary life allows leaders to better work with and understand others. However, many development books are not quite as entertaining and suitable for the night stand or beach side. Masha’s books are different! While they definitely make their point and get across the message, the are highly approachable and easy reading. We promise you’ll get hooked while you learn!

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