Dynamize your HR development!

Functional 5 phase method to meet short-term business goals and long-term employee development goals—all at once!

The Dynamic Loop Method is a suitable framework for HR and organizational development to optimally support and empower employees in a BANI world. Mental agility, maximum business and transfer focus, permanent learning and the continuous development of people and organizations are the key to successful business in a world that increasingly eludes long-term planning and control.

What you can expect from the whitepaper

  • From VUCA to BANI: How to describe the world today
  • Consequence and challenges
  • Necessary change perspectives for HR development
  • The 5 phase method in detail and how to use it for your business

How dynamic HR development looks like?

To meet the crazy pace and challenges of today’s business world, it needs a holistic approach to HR development.

Flexible & Long-Term

When time and budget are short, every initiative needs to be precisely on point to pay off. The Dynamic Loop method gives you the flexibility to adjust your initiatives to current needs at any time while never letting long-term development goals out of sight.

Digital & Analog

Yes to up-to-date digital learning – no to “over-digitization” and participants overwhelmed by the sheer mass of possibilities. The Dynamic Loop Methods always meets learners needs, respects their self-directedness while simultaneously guiding them to choose what serves the organization most.

Dynamic & Regular

Conditions – even on a global scale – can change overnight, so to say. To keep up with that, your development initiatives need to be able to do the same. The Dynamic Loop Method is your reliable framework to have maximum dynamics, triggered by regular growth evaluation loops.

Bonus features for you

Tangible Tools

We do not only explain what to do to dynamize your HR development, but we’ve also packed the whitepaper with the tools and approaches we actually use to make it work.

Quick Checklist

Find out where you are right now: Is your company set for the Dynamic Loop Method? Which elements are you already implementing? And what else is needed?

Complete Case Study

Find out how the 5-phase-method works in practice and what exact benefit it can bring to businesses as yours.

The case study in the words of the customer

“A holistic, professionally tailored and massively implementation-oriented journey that has supported us in many ways to mature as a leadership team.

Your best HR success awaits

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