Leadership coaching beyond the usual

What choices do we make? How do our decisions affect our all lives? Where do we go?

We dare to #thinkbeyond. Do you?


Dive into the rich and extensive experience, mindset, professionalism and passion of our partners, who are at the leading edge in teaching around the world the skill of Thinking Beyond.



Whether you face personal, team or organizational challenges, you will find leadership coaching offers right here that can get you started, as one of our partners guides you through this amazing journey of leadership, influence and transformation.



While we can’t stress enough that no model in the world is capable to catch the whole and unique complexity of a human being, we still figured that some of the tools we offer could come in pretty handy.


We’re committed to creating change that matters. We don’t do cosmetics. It’s not enough to reach goals. We need to question them, challenge ourselves, embrace change.

Are you in?

How far beyond do you dare to think?

Backed up with numerous years of experience at top executive level, we support you to unfold your most powerful growth in an environment fueled by other high performers and individuals who enjoy to excel and continuously grow.

Are you ready to #thinkbeyond? Are you ready to join?

Welcome to the Think Beyond Group.

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Auszeit in den Tiroler Alpen

Nachhaltig erfolgreiche Menschen haben eines gemeinsam: sie nehmen sich bewusst Zeit zu reflektieren.

Doch: wie definieren Sie Erfolg? Was brauchen Sie in diesem Moment? Und wo sind mögliche Blockaden?

Gehen Sie mit uns in die Tiefe und begegnen Sie ihrem ICH…

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Voted Top 10!

Our founder and chairperson Masha is among the Top 10 Business Coaches to look out for in 2021.

What an honor! Thank you California Herald.

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The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness

This Designer Certification turns you into an expert on the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness, a scientifically proven model that supports you in a systematic way to guide and implement transfer effectiveness in everyone of your training programs.

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