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HR + L&D for business impact

More often than not, training without a strong connection to business reality is a waste of time and budget. A hurtful truth, but also a great chance. To make a difference, learning and development need to positively and above all measurably impact real-work performance. “Start with the end in mind” is the motto. And before any training is even designed, this equals the question: Which business challenge do you aim to solve?

The Power of RoE

Each development initiative is just as good as its inclusion into business reality. With RoE, this business reality is captured. It stands for Return on Expectations and covers the complexity of people development in a highly effective way. Fueled by detailed stakeholder expectations and translated into measurable criteria, RoE is the ultimate base and guide for all following steps of effective learning and development design and delivery  

The evaluation mindset

Training and transfer evaluation is not a single event but a continuous process that accompanies any truly effective development measure. A balanced and always modulated set of quantitative and qualitative evaluation elements helps you to roll-out learning events that add measurable value to immediate challenges as well as long-term strategies. 

When transfer science meets implementation expertise
true impact becomes possible.

We’re passionate about your L&D success

For more than 17 years, Think Beyond’s L&D Design and Evaluation Consultants support their customers around the globe to master the most pressing business challenges. Doing so, we supported corporates in many different economical situations: from L&D in stable/shrinking/crisis environments and also growing/innovative markets.

No added value without business connection! The absolute base for L&Ds value adding existence in any organization is a link to business need and mission of the entity. Therefore it is imprtant to start any design „with the end in mind“ in order to be able to deliver, adapt and evaluate the Return on  Expectations of any L&D measure along the way.

L&D’s task is to prepare the company’s most valuable asset—the people—to show the behavior needed to achieve the organization’s targets. It is a natural demand of the current VUCA/BANI world to do this in an agile way. Based on scientifically proven models and 2 decades of experience we use the  Dynamic Loop Approach ™.

A close collaboration and strong strategic partnership between Business and L&D is absolutely vital. Relevant and sustainable L&D can only be assured in co-creation at eye-level.  Our goal is to enable and empower your L&D agents to create a unique, relevant, impactful and sustainable L&D architecture. 

It’s possible!

Trackable business impact by development measures is possible and it is not far out of reach. The biggest secret – which is no secret at all – lies in investing a serious amount of time and creative energy at the beginning of a measure. That means: Detailed expectation clarification and definition of indicators, definition of clear measure criteria and ongoing multilevel evaluation and adaption. 

Main tools in detail

Kirkpatrick Model:
4 levels of learning design and evaluation

Start with the end in mind! Derived from your current business need, the Kirkpatrick methodology is a practical framework we like to use for designing behavior-oriented development initiatives with measurable results. Involvement of relevant stakeholders and above all constant evaluation are key parts of the method.

The 12 Levers of Training Effectiveness:
What makes training really work?

Based on transfer research and case studies from different industries, the 12 levers of transfer effectiveness are a treasure box full of hands-on ways to help your participants apply what they learned in a training. For less time and money wasted and more trackable impact and training success.

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The Trackable Impact Guide is designed for you dear CEO, function head, HR and L&D professional. It’s to lead you – step by step – to measurable impact with existing or planned development measures!  


With the Trackable Impact Guide you’ll get  

  • a step-by-step impact checklist 
  • the best of transfer research packed to hands-on knowledge  
  • a set of reflection questions for transfer design   
  • quantitative and qualitative training evaluation support   
  • the tool of learner-centered feedback sheets  
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The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness

This Designer Certification turns you into an expert on the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness, a scientifically proven model that supports you in a systematic way to guide and implement transfer effectiveness in everyone of your training programs.

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