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For Individuals

With 1 on 1 coaching you support your people directly and individually.

(On the way to) C-Suite

Leadership is a chance and challenge that comes in many forms: interacting with people, taking the right decisions, staying capable of action in crazy and unpredictable times and last but not least, dealing with very personal issues that come to surface, like stress or conflict. After working with thousands of leaders across all industries and levels, we truly believe in the lever of individual coaching. And bring all our expertise to you.

Corporate Leadership Development Programs

Female Leadership Coaching

On top of the day-to-day responsibilities that come with leadership, females in charge often have to play an involuntary expectation game: How they are and should be, what they can and cannot achieve. That’s clearly an obstacle on the way to a satisfied leadership life with impact. Our top executive coaches experienced female leadership from multiple angles and are specialized in supporting women in charge in a way that they are able to unfold their very own leadership power no matter what.

Agile Coaching

Working agile is natural for your organization but there are issues that stand in the way to satisfying ways of cooperation and desired results? Letting people tap into their very own sweet spot of productivity, solution energy, self-organization and contribution to the organization is the core of our Agile Coaching initiatives.

For teams and groups

Team and group coaching give your people the necessary nudge to find out what they need to do in order to be successful together.

Executive board: Team development & consulting

What do you need to cooperate at best and steer your organization in the most effective way? Depending on your needs and tailored to the working reality of board members, we accompany you to get further as a leadership team yourself or find strategies and initiatives for your people. Shadowing is a special form where experienced coaches join meetings and give feedback to process, communication and cooperation.

Start-up coaching

How can you ensure that your startup will be the one to dominate the market? We experienced the task of being a start-up from all possible angles: founders, team members business angels, consultants. And we learned a thing our two about how to set the sails for success. Know let’s talk about your business!

Digital transformation coaching

How can you as a leader and corporate succeed in a highly connected, digital-driven world? If you agree that both digitalization and change are nothing to be mastered but a precondition we live and work with today, we’re ready to step at your side. Together with your change teams, decision-makers and digital head ofs, we’ll assist you in developing what serves you most on the way to sustainable success and growth in a digital world.

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Masha Ibeschitz

Founder and Chairperson at Think Beyond Group | Author | Investor | Reflection Guide & Coach for top-level executives

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