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How we work with you

Define your Impact Focus

Driven by your company’s goals and current focus we define leading indicators as well as performance & transfer drivers. These make trackable development happen.

Tailor your Impact

Since development is highly individual—personal & organizational—standardized programs have a limited impact. We set up a strong frame that offers you highest flexibility in customizing your corporate leadership development programs according to your needs & wants.

Sustainable Impact: Embed the training into your organization

We understand that real development happens beyond the traditional approach. By covering all three levels and by making the development tangible, with clear measurable effects, we EMBED the training into your organization and support you in securing a profitable behavior.

We’re helping leaders and corporates through

L&D Consulting

What does your organization need right now to move forward? Our expertise lies in discovering both your unique pain points and most effective success levers – together with you and relevant stakeholder across the company. We support you in diving deep and finding out what is necessary. For measurable development and sustainable business success.

Successful thinking

Leadership Journeys

What do your people need right now to excel in their roles and to contribute to your current business need? Derived from hundreds of programs in all fields of industries, we’ve come up with hands-on strategies to design leadership learning journeys that are highly tailored, strongly connected throughout the organization and measurably effective.

leadership course and certifications

Executive Coaching

With coaching, we’re able to add value to your organization in many different forms and at different stages: Punctual 1:1 support of top executives, supportive tool in development programs or as a strength-oriented leadership attitude deeply anchored in your company culture. Highly experienced coaches across the globe and a variety of tools: We’re at your side.

Meet Masha

Masha is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach with over 25 years of experience working in the field of leadership and development, who has a genuine passion for effective leadership and performance. Besides her business and administration degree, NLP masters degree and working experience in the HR field and as a lecturer, she is a certified Kirkpatrick Partner (Silver Level Certified Professional), PCM Coach, DiSG Trainer and Chief Transfer Enabler with the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness, just to name a few.

With more than 1.500 training days and over 1.000 coaching hours she is highly experienced and dedicated to sharing her knowledge and helping fellow leaders improve.

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