Whether I am familiar with the term “coincidence”; “the remarkable concurrence of situations or circumstances without an identifiable causal connection”, according to Lexicon.

Yes, certainly I am familiar with it!

While writing I put my thoughts in order and notice that even the writing moment in itself is not a coincidence. Imagine the following; a Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, the students are studying for their exams, the birds are chirping and the wind gives me a gentle breeze. An ideal “setting” for a moment of reflection and to reflect and write about coincidences. Is this a coincidence?

A few recent examples of coincidence quickly set me off:

The coincidence of the car pulling out in front of me in the “oh so coveted parking lot” yesterday morning. The moment where I “accidentally” see my cousin entering the hairdresser’s just before me and we both sit next to each other without an appointment – neither with the hairdresser nor with each other. Pure happiness!

That was just yesterday.

These are other examples of recent coincidences:

o I think about a person and I get a text message or that person calls me a few seconds later.

o If I have a question, there is always someone who “happens” to be talking about that topic. This could be in a conversation with me, or a conversation I ‘accidentally’ overhear.

o I spontaneously read about a new interesting article/book and I hesitate to read it or buy it, then there is always someone who sends me a link to that article/book, so that I really have to read it.

o Just heard that song on the radio that you like so much – so nice!

Throughout my life, there have been several moments with small and large coincidences.

The most punishing (or special?) are those where you wonder out loud “Is this even normal?!”

For example, a few years ago I was asked to pull a project abroad.

At that time, I was not at all busy plotting my life. It was a period of working hard, much and long.

After the first exploratory meeting with the local organization, I drove back to the hotel where I will stay for the week. It was perfect; a winter evening, freezing cold, dark gray sky and small lights reminded me that it was soon Christmas. It did something to me. A warm glow overtook me, as if Mother Nature was sending me an invitation. After dinner, I had a telephone conversation with my mother and told her “that it is very strange, but that coincidence has brought me here and I have the feeling that I have to be here.

The following month I started the project and was assigned a number of local employees. It clicked. It gave a good grounding to the idea that “I need to be here and want to stay here”. It immediately sparked a conversation with my supervisor in which I mentioned that I would like to have a local contract. 6 months later I received that piece of new happiness. Quite by coincidence, just at that time, there was someone who wanted to take over my rental apartment. I was ready to go and very much looking forward to starting my new adventure.

I had barely moved 2 years when I was invited to a dinner party with a friend of a friend. My intention was to have a pleasant evening in the hope that it would also be interesting. It resulted in another great adventure as this man became my husband within the year. How 1 evening, 1 dinner can make a difference in life.

We lived together for several years abroad and moved back to Belgium because of a professional move of my husband. Partly because of the move, I decided to say goodbye to corporate life and to fulfill a life goal of becoming self-employed and working as a Trainer and Coach.

Barely arrived back in Belgium, coincidence played a major role.

Was it a coincidence that during conversations with potential partners I immediately had a click or not? Was it a coincidence that certain projects were started at that very moment? What about the people who suddenly contacted me again after 10 years?

And, there is more:

Was it a coincidence that during conversations with potential partners I immediately had a click or not? Was it a coincidence that certain projects were started at that very moment? What about the people who suddenly contacted me again after 10 years?

And, there is more:

o Is it a coincidence that I have a client who just has the same values and standards?

o What about a Coachee who has just that need, which I also have “pending” for myself for some time? Imagine, as a Coach I am “neutral” and do not show my own emotions, nor do I share my situation and cannot and should not speak about it. It’s pretty special when you look back on it.

The coincidences often have to do with my energy level or that moment, I think to myself. When I feel good, for some reason there will be more coincidences in my life.

An open mind, spontaneity, and trust that it’s okay for something to happen other than planned for once (and no I don’t always have blind faith in the system!), make coincidences have a chance in my life. A coincidence makes me enjoy it extra, makes me jump into the unknown, and it makes me take just that desired step in a different direction.

That coincidence also seems to make my life even more beautiful and interesting!

It makes me deeply grateful for what is and makes me appreciate life even more.

And I wish it to you, dear reader, whether you happen to read this or not, too!

With heartfelt greetings,


During the last 20 years, I developed deep international expertise as an HR expert, Trainer, and Coach, in national and international companies.

As Co-Driver you can rely on me for:

o Coaching leaders and teams by supporting and challenging them.

o Training teams and individuals in social skills (so-called “soft skills”)

o Facilitating workshops and experiences in topics like stress management, emotional intelligence, change management, and self-empowerment

Known for my passion, strong communication skills (and languages), adaptability, and ability to function well in cross-cultural environments.

My biggest motivators are: supporting someone’s development, interacting with others, and seeing and working around potential.

Veerle Verstraeten, Senior Trainer | Professional Coach