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for British Leaders

Trackable impact for real business results

Do you know how it feels when a huge development program is over and everyone is happy but at the same time no one has a sheet with detailed results at hand?

Do you face business challenges on and on but do not want to pour just the same old development measures over again?

Trackable impact design is your path to go!

In years of research and extensive field experience, we developed a practical approach to impact design in leadership development. It’s as simple as effective. And it sure sets you up for measurable business success with your next development initiative.

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The problem with standard development measures

You lose time

It’s awesome that everyone enjoyed the perfect location, the tasty buffet, the cool trainer, the frictionless technology or the interesting, trendy topic. But if you’re not able to measure concrete outcome of a development measure, it was a waste of time.

You lose money

We bet you do all forms of cost-benefit analysis whenever a serious investment is up to make sure your money is worth spent. But how about development initiatives? What analysis do you do? What exactly do you expect to happen? Without measurable ROI or ROE the money is just gone.

You lose talents

Of course people love to develop and to get better in what they do. But not just because! They want to link it with a strong feeling of purpose and contribution to the greater good. Give your talents a strong sense of “I played a role in that awesome result” and they’ll think twice before looking for other options.

Boost your impact & Celebrate business success

We put all the research out there as well as vast field experience into one handy guide. No long hours of reading! Just download our free development impact guide and see if you are all set for trackable impact with your internal development measures.

✓ based on 20+ years of experience

✓ tested and improved with dozens of groups and hundreds of leaders and experts

✓ based on the astounding research of Kirkpatrick, Brinkerhoff and Weinbauer

✓ hands-on style and quick to consume

✓ gives you immediate scope of action and practical ideas