Create your very own version of success

Professionally and privately.

Recharge your leadership

The pandemic, pressure to deliver results and constant change are draining.

The perfect time to zoom out, sharpen focus and recalibrate is right now.

Let’s take the time together that we all need!

Step up to your SELF

Your time-out in the Tyrolean Alps

The retreat allows you to reflect on your career and life stages to date and recharge your batteries.

You will better understand what makes you tick – especially in stressful times. You will learn to break patterns, find your flow and trust yourself to move boldly into the future.

Over the four days, you will develop a strong vision of what success means to you. And what steps you can take to get there.

Together, we will take your personal growth process a big step further. A step closer to your very own version of success and satisfaction – both professionally and personally.

Relax. Reflect. Change.

Sustainably successful people have one thing in common: they consciously take time for reflection.

How is that for you? How do you define success? What do you need at this moment? And what is blocking you?

Take the time and courage to take a break now!
To refuel, plan and recalibrate your life dramaturgy.

Let’s go further than you’ve ever been before.

Learn from the past, analyze the here and now and focus on the future.

Success by your own standards.

Are you ready?

Who is Step Up To Your SELF for?

Step Up To Your SELF is for managers, team leaders, function heads and CEOs who

  • have a career move ahead of them and need clarity on what exactly needs to be done
  • want to (re)connect with purpose, energy and their own creative power
  • want to increase their impact
  • feel exhausted and disconnected due to the stressful past few years and want to recalibrate themselves
  • want to move into the future in a positive, creative and powerful way
  • and who want to create their very own version of success – both professionally and personally

Step Up To Your SELF is for YOU!

What participants say …

What is the formula for happiness?
That’s what we’re all looking for – one way to get there is definitely via “Step up to yourself” with Masha & Rupert – who have packed so much knowledge and know-how into exercises that always end with something clearly actionable and have taught me to appreciate the value of every single step – in short: highly recommended for all people who want to lead a happier life.
“The meeting with me” – regular self-reflection has found its way into my everyday life and I can only recommend it to everyone!

Armin Rogl,

In a very clear, intelligent and humorous way, Masha and Rupert guide the participants to their own personal Next Level. They create an atmosphere that really lives up to the name “retreat”. I can unreservedly recommend SUTYS to anyone who wants to take a break and then go about their life more consciously, refreshed, full of strength and with a new understanding of themselves.

Kerstin Schuster, Coach and Consultant

I am always surprised at how good even a few days away can be. Step Up To Your Self was exactly the framework I needed to gain some clarity.
The retreat brings the big questions to the table: Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going? As a leader? As a person? And everyone works on them in the depth that is appropriate at the time. Sometimes with a twinkle in the eye and fun in the group, sometimes withdrawn with pen and paper on the balcony.
With the impulses from Masha and Rupert, I find the perfect balance between thinking and doing. Plus the encouraging and enriching exchange with people who are asking themselves the same questions – highly recommended!

Julia Bröderbauer,
Reflection retreat: review, focus, plan

Are you ready to take the next step to success?

Time to take a step forward: into an era in which you can achieve more with less energy.

Where you have arrived and are stronger.

Because you know where you come from and where your path will take you.

We look forward to seeing you!


Masha Ibeschitz & Rupert Seewald

Masha Ibeschitz

Masha Ibeschitz is the founder of the Think Beyond Group – a global leadership collective – and a permanent fixture on the international consulting scene. The business economist is an executive coach, consultant, key speaker, reflection guide and author of several non-fiction books (“Success Reloaded”, “Impact”).
She was recently voted one of the top 10 coaches in the world by the US magazine “California Herald”.

More About Masha | Connect on LinkedIn

Rupert Seewald

Rupert Seewald is an international trainer, speaker, founder of COMMOVIS and co-founder of Hansen Beck. As the owner of Rupert Seewald GmbH, his main responsibility is to improve the professional and personal results of his participants through training and coaching with long-term effects.

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Hotel Lärchenhof

On the Geigenbühel, at the upper end of Seefeld and surrounded by the Wetterstein and Karwendel mountains, at the 4-star superior Natur & Spa Hotel Lärchenhof you will not only enjoy alpine flair paired with family hospitality, but also vacation in the perfect location to relax in nature. Whatever the season, the next mountain adventure is waiting right on our doorstep.

Overnight stays and delicious meals are included in the price.


Your all-inclusive-Package

Included in your participation in Step Up To Your Self are

  • 2+2 day workshop with top international executive coaches Masha Ibeschitz and Rupert Seewald
  • Single room at the hotel Lärchenhof
  • Full board catering in the Falstaff award-winning restaurant
  • All documents (impulse sheets, reflection sheets…)
  • Bestselling book “Success Reloaded” by Masha Ibeschitz


2+2 days time-out in the Tyrolean Alps!

Part 1
April 11th 13.00 – 18.00 h
April 12th 09.00 – 14.00 h

Part 2
May 16th 13.00 – 18.00 h
May 17th 09.00 – 14.00 h


3.450,00 Euro (excl. 20% VAT)

The all-inclusive price includes 4-star accommodation, delicious meals, 4 retreat days and all documents

Be quick – the next edition is limited to 12 people!

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For all people who want to lead others and do so with clarity and strength.

As much as we appreciate the virtual world, with this special format we want to be able to enjoy the full power of human interaction. So it takes place face-2-face.

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Yes, everything is all-inclusive: accommodation and delicious meals are included in the price.

If the legal regulations do not allow a physical meeting, the training will unfortunately be canceled. In this case you will receive a full refund.

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