The Neuroscience of Stress

Become aware of your stress reactions and learn how to build your resilience

If you are struggling to …

  • understand your reaction to stress
  • build your resilience to stress
  • create healthy habits to help you bounce forward

… then this course is for you!

By the end of this course you will

  • Understand the neuroscience concept
  • Become aware of your stress reactions
  • Learn how to build your resilience
  • Know the difference between constructive and toxic stress

Course facts

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Downloadable Slide Deck and Workbook
  • Access to all future bonus videos which will be uploaded to the course

About your host 

Magda Tabac is a certified trainer in the Process Communication Model® and a NeuroMindfulness© Master Practitioner. Previous to this, she gained more than twelve years of experience in multinational organizations in Brazil, Romania, the United Kingdom, and Germany, where she lives now. She started her career working in strategy consulting and continued with roles in commercial strategy and planning, customer experience, employee engagement, and people management. In 2017, she decided to change career and turn to subjects that have always interested her and are close to her heart: training, psychology, and neuroscience. This is why she has become a Certified Trainer in Process Communication Model® and an Applied Neuroscience Master Practitioner and started her journey and mission to help people to better understand themselves and others in order to forge stronger relationships and be more productive. She works face-to-face or virtually with customers across Europe.Her personal WHY: ‘I help people lead better lives, through increased self-awareness, better communication and improved stress management.’

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