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We don’t believe in set-in-stone approaches. Courageous business leaders who can relate to our values are heartily invited to join us in all thinkable ways of cooperation. Let’s get creative!


Ways of cooperation



We pick you up with all you’ve got! Based on your current challenges and gladly implementing all facets of what your leadership development consists of right now, we offer you different starting points for cooperation.

Set-up/Enhancement of your inhouse L&D

Setting up your own inhouse learning & development Academy is a challenge joyfully welcomed! Think Beyond offers experts and state-of-the-art need detection methodologies to support your own learning and development needs. With Think Beyond’s Academy Accelerator you will have a strong partner and clear road map!

Tailored workshop and learning design

Think Beyond delivers engaging and cutting edge formats of leadership development – in both virtual and physical world. No matter which topic to cover or which business challenge to solve in a team, you get an experienced expert at your side. In designing and delivering any learning format, measurable business impact is a natural part. Read more about Our Approach!

Learning effectiveness & impact

Ever wondered if your trainings really make a difference? At Think Beyond we have business impact and training effectiveness in our DNA. Our experts help you evaluate the specific impact of your academy or learning strategies on several levels. Kirkpatrick, the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness or the Brinkerhoff approach might be your best friends soon.


Global leadership

Think Beyond experts have designed and launched hundreds of leadership programs across the globe and in local language. If you are looking for a partner to design and roll-out your international leadership learning journey with, we’d love to have a chat.


Interested in certifying your own learning designers? Becoming independent from external providers can be a smart step. Think Beyond offers three renowned certifications, enabling your people to go from business need over development initiates to measurable results.

Tools & Models

While we can’t stress enough that no model in the world is capable to catch the whole and unique complexity of a human being, we still figured that some of the tools and models out there come in pretty beneficial. Among others, we experienced convincing results with learning transfer platforms like Promote or Area 9 Lyceum. In terms of personality/communication models many customers benefit from PCM or Process Communication Model, Profiling Values, Conflict Clarification Counseling and several more.

Our Partner's Coachings

Kirkpatrick: The New World Kirkpatrick Model

The New World Kirkpatrick Model is based on the four levels of training evaluation originally defined by Donald Kirkpatrick. In the Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation Certification Program you will get to know everything about the four levels but also receive a participant manual filled with examples and templates that you may borrow and adapt to build your own Blended Evaluation Plan tools.

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Brinkerhoff: High Performance Learning Journey

Whilst learning about different tools to make training programs that create new and lasting behaviors and results, by finishing this certification you will have a complete program ready to deliver. The strong hands-on approach is offering guidance in and experience of using powerful tools and proven techniques for your own training programs.

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Ina Weinbauer-Heidl: 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness

This Transfer Designer Certification enables you to become an expert for successful transfer yourself. The 12 levers of transfer effectiveness represent a scientifically proven model, that supports you in a systematic way to guide and implement transfer within every of your programs. Tailor your transfer concept and make transfer happen!

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Our Approach

Define your Impact Focus

Driven by your company’s goals and current focus we define leading indicators as well as performance & transfer drivers. These make trackable development happen.

Tailor your Impact

Since development is highly individual - personal & organizational - standardized programs have a limited impact. We set up a strong frame that offers you highest flexibility in customizing your program according to your needs & wants.

Sustainable Impact: Embed the training into your organization

We understand that real development happens beyond the traditional approach. By covering all three levels and by making the development tangible, with clear measurable effects, we EMBED the training into your organization and secure a profitable behavior.

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