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You’re in charge of corporate learning initiatives? We’ve got your back! Extensive research, scientific findings and 25 years of transfer experience – all of that is condensed into helpful resources, hands-on workshops and an extensive certification.

And here’s a no-secret secret right away: If we want trainings that are more than “nice-to-have”, we need to understand how to sustainably change behavior and how to connect the dots with business realities.

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Get an overview of your current transfer success set-up with the “Trackable Impact Guide”-Checklist and get inspired for action with the audio recording of the latest transfer keynote from Masha Ibeschitz, held at South Americas leading L&D conference in Mexico.

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The fastest and easiest way to enter transfer success and make a real difference with your training initiatives! The 3-hour workshop equips you with all tools you need (aka The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness) as well as a hands-on approach to get going.

Transfer Fast Track

Dive Deep

Become an expert of transfer success! As Certified Transfer Designer, the 3-phase program enables you to take the training of your company and your industry to a completely new level. With scientifically proven and manageable factors you are able to develop customized training concepts that create measurable results.

Transfer Designer Certification
Whitepaper: Holistic transfer approach with the Dynamic Loop Model

The get-ready-for-impact bundle

Free impact checklist + audio

Are you already set-up for maximum transfer success? The Trackable Impact Guide is designed for you dear CEO, function head, HR and L&D professional. It’s to lead you – step by step – to measurable impact with existing or planned development measures!  

With the Trackable Impact Guide you’ll get  

  • a step-by-step impact checklist 
  • the best of transfer research packed to hands-on knowledge  
  • a set of reflection questions for transfer design   
  • quantitative and qualitative training evaluation support   
  • the tool of learner-centered feedback sheets  
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Tool Workshop: Transfer Fast Track

Hands-on 3-hour online session

The fastest and easiest way to enter transfer success! Lern what transfer success depends on and equip yourself with the best transfer tools out there. After the 3-hour session you’ll be able to start immediately to make your trainings more effective. Live online masterclass including book & transfer card set.

Transfer Fast Track

Transfer Designer Certification

Online certification program

As an HRD professional, L&D consultant, training designer or trainer, you know the obstacles of training transfer from your own experience, and you want to do something about it. You want to take the training in your company and your industry to a new level. You want effectiveness to be your USP and seek access to the exclusive transfer community of people who think and act like you.

Transfer Designer Certification

HRD impact: What we learned along the way

Business Connection is a must

In order to act as HRD professionals with tangible impact, we need to seek close collaboration with Business. Only if we collaborate at eye-level and in constant exchange, corporate training initiatives can unfold their biggest impact. No more second-guessing. No waste of precious time, money and energy. But measurable results that demonstrable contribute to business success.

Return of Expectations (RoE) rules!

By including all relevant stakeholders right from the beginning, we are able to clearly formulate their relevant Return of Expectations: What does business, sponsors, learners and other relevant groups need in order that a measure is a true success? RoE is a metric similar to RoI, obviously, but far more capable to measure the complexity of corporate learning initiatives.

Evaluation mindset for the win

In order to create learning initiatives that are sustainably successful, we need to alter our evaluation habits: Contrary to what we are used to, evaluation is nothing to be “done” in the end to see if it was a success. It’s not a task but a mindset. A mindset that constantly asks: How’s that going? What can we do to keep it relevant? To improve it even more? The evaluation mindset is our most promising companion when it comes to trainings that really work.

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