There is a massive responsibility in the hand of any leader in this world. 

The pressure and expectations in the higher positions are immense and harm us if we do not care about our wellbeing. 

To be in top form and generate sustainable success, we need to be in shape and cannot allow ourselves to hang through, not even for a while. 

If we don’t care about our needs, especially our souls, we walk into danger to burn out. But why can this happen? My few as a spiritual coach and healer are rooted in the higher self’s lack of connection. The higher self also called the soul, is the little most important sparkle inside us, essential to be alive. It is there to lead and guide us and needs to take care of us. If we ignore it, we can walk in the wrong direction in our life. We need to reconnect with our higher self and nourish our soul, mind, and body to be healthy, authentic, and able to make decisions as a leader based on a beneficial etic and natural intelligence. 

What is this higher self, and how does it express itself? It is not the ego, but it is much deeper, and you can feel it, for example, if you are happy from within without any outer reason, but also when you are profoundly depressed and sad for no visible concrete reason. The voice of the higher self, you can call it intuition or inner voice. You might say there is no space for the soul in the higher position in a career, but I see this as necessary to lead the world in the best way. Many leaders are not connected with their higher self and don’t follow their inner voice by making decisions. But for me, the right consequential decisions and sustainable career success are only possible with a healthy connection to spirit. 

It is starting to get famous that leaders in the higher management stage cannot rest the pressure anymore which is upon them. They learn about meditation, which is one of the first steps to connect with the inner self and spirit.  

To go into a deep meditation, we need to do some essential steps to prepare ourselves. We need time and silence and patience, and a strong urge to change something in our life. 

If we are connected with the higher self and regularly maintain this relationship, we are sustainable, authentic, robust, healthy, and prosperous. 

Therefore I encourage every leader to take some time to think about the other part of life, which is not visible. It is worth and most precious to have peace of mind for your career and personal well being! 

A connected leader is making decisions based on peace of mind for the world’s higher best and peace, etically and true. 

Yes, it is possible to be a sensitive and, at the same time, strong leader.  

Janine Wolf
My name is Janine Wolf. I am a professional spiritual coach, healer, Tarot reader, psychic, and the founder of the “Peace of mind technique,” which I especially developed to help my clients find the precious land of peace. My specialty is to see through my psychic abilities, the blockages, and roots quickly. During my work, I have helped hundreds of my clients let go of blockages based on soul, mind, and body and get back their peace of mind. Before they consulted me, this blockage has affected their whole life in the wrong way. As a result of this, whether they are young or old, rich, or low, they have been restless and never happy and relaxed. It impacted all levels of their lives, such as love, work, health, and wealth. I have combined many years of personal and working experience and spiritual knowledge to create the methods to reach peace of mind and harmonize their whole life in any aspect like a relationship, health, career, and more. My program helps any person change their life from misery into a dream to achieve all their goals by reaching sustainable peace of mind. Especially for women in leadership positions, peace is essential to be in full feminine power to stay authentic and make wise decisions led by the soul’s energy. To be a strong leader, we need to be balanced. This balance is in our mental condition, which is rooted in our private life and spirituality. It is the peace of mind that is the force beyond. Here I can support female leaders who have lost their authenticity and connection to the higher self to get back their relationship with the higher self.
Janine Wolf , Life & Executive Coach