Du fragst dich, wie du endlich Fortschritt machen kannst? COVID hat uns alle vor große Herausforderungen gestellt, persönlich und professionell. Nimm an diesem Event teil, um Dein Leben neu zu kalibrieren und Dich mit leistungsstarken Tools auszustatten, mit denen Du die Zukunft effektiv bewältigen kannst.

Eine Reise von der Vergangenheit in die Gegenwart, und von der Gegenwart in die Zukunft


Schritt 1: Reflektieren, wertschätzen und von der Vergangenheit lernen. Den inneren Fokus meistern und einen neuen Zugang zum Leben finden.

Schritt 2: Wie sieht Erfolg für mich aus? Was für Anforderungen stelle ich mir selbst? Wie gestalte ich mein Leben und meine Rollen am effektivsten? Wie gelange ich an Tools und Skills um besser mit Herausforderungen und Anforderungen an mich selbst umzugehen?

Schritt 3: Fokus auf die Zukunft. Wie verstehe ich Erfolg auf eine ganzheitliche Weise? Was sind meine nächsten Schritte? Wie definiere und beeinflusse ich meinen eigenen Erfolg? Wie arbeite ich fokussiert an meinem Erfolg?

Our clients

Most in-depth and practically relevant

Among all courses, the Transfer Designer Certification was the most in-depth and practically relevant for me. If this is as important to you as it is for me, I can only recommend the certification. I am happy and proud to have participated and to now be a certified Transfer Designer.

Heike Dormuth, HRweb

Business Impact

After only 3 months our graduates see results e.g. in the following areas.

Transfer effectiveness of my training programs has increased

Client satisfaction has increased

I perceive my work as more meaningful and valuable

Are these questions relevant for you?

  • How much of the training content transfers into practice?
  • What are the levers to increase the transfer rate?
  • How can I evaluate the effectiveness of a training?
  • How do I develop transfer concepts that really work?
  • How do I win the executives to consistently back transfer?
  • Which tools and interventions increase transfer success?
  • How can I systematically manage transfer success?
  • How do I implement transfer design in my project?
  • What experiences do other companies have with the topic of transfer?

Certification in 3 phases

Phase 1 - Transfer Practitioner
As a Transfer Practitioner, you are familiar with the 12 Lever Methodology and have a variety of transfer tools that can enhance the effectiveness of your training programs.

Phase 2 - Transfer Insider
As a Transfer Insider, you know exactly what is important about each transfer lever and how to operate and control it. It allows you to (further) develop transfer tools and measures that are tailored to the specifics of companies, training topics, and target groups.

Phase 3 - Transfer Designer
As a Transfer Designer, you will develop systematically connectable and scientifically sound transfer concepts for any training (program) that serves all 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness. You have proven this with your certification project (a real case from your company).

*The program fee includes all 3 phases

Brings business Success

The levers are impressively practical and scream to be implemented, so that the energy invested by participants, concept developers and trainers does not fizzle out, but brings business success, personal meaning and confirmation.

Julia Furchner, AUDI AG


9 weeks +
3 months of transfer support

Time Commitment

2-day workshop OR
4 Live Online Sessions á 2,5 hours
+ 2 hours per week self-study


English or German


HRD professionals

  • HR managers
  • HR developers
  • L&D consultants
  • Training designers
  • Trainers

who believe that transfer effectiveness is not only a catchword but a lived aspiration.


After this program you will be able to say:

  • I am aware of the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness® and I know how to control Transfer Success
  • I have a transfer concept ready for a real development program at my company (my real case)
  • I have developed specific tools and interventions to increase the effectiveness of my training programs
  • I am familiar with various tools and interventions to promote transfer effectiveness

Shows where the horsepower of implementation is or gets lost

As a long-time training facilitator, I am very happy to now have a structure and a method that focuses on all relevant parts of the transfer of training. With the levers and the associated ways to evaluate these, it shows where the horsepower of implementation is or gets lost. Nice training without looking at before and after is often only half the battle. The levers, my preparation, the questions during the training and Ina’s way to facilitate - all this has given me the focus which definitely brings greater transfer benefit for my trainees.

Martin Sattlberger, FOKUS7

What you can achieve with this program?

  • Your training (programs) achieve lasting impact because you design and implement customized and research-based transfer concepts.
  • You use the Levers of Transfer Effectiveness to develop transfer tools and interventions that are compatible and tailored to the company and the participants.
  • Through the transfer effectiveness of your training, you can verifiably increase the value and impact of your training programs.

The transfer energy is highly contagious

Science, benefits, practicability, energy. The 12 levers provide a concept that is scientifically sound and easy to implement in staff development. Ina Weinbauer is passionate about her subject and her transfer energy is highly contagious!


Masha Ibeschitz

Masha Ibeschitz understands the executive floors of the business world. As an Executive coach for more than 20 years, the graduate business economist is active on a global scale. She shows executives in internationally operating companies from various industries, how to deliver more Impact, minimize pressure, solve conflicts and develop their employees into real Top performers, managing the unique challenges that only times of “VUCA” and “pandemic” can offer.

As a management facilitator, she regularly leads Leadership Journeys in various countries. Within this context she also teaches coaching fundamentals for executives, what makes her a household name in the coaching scene today as it relates to Leadership with IMPACT.

Masha is a best seller author and CEO of Think Beyond Group, a worldwide operating company for executive development. In addition, she publishes regularly in professional journals as well as online media, and lives happily together with her family in the heart of Vienna, Austria.


Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel​

ist Wissenschaftlerin, Autorin, Keynote-Speakerin, Universitätslektorin und Beraterin. Sie ist Entwicklerin der Stellhebel der Transferwirksamkeit und macht mit dem Institut für Transferwirksamkeit wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse für die Praxis nutzbar.


€ 2.190

Bring a colleague € 1.095

plus seminar package and VAT.

  • The book What makes training really work by Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel​
  • Access to the Transfer Insider Videos​

  • One to one transfer sparring conversation with Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel or your Transfer Enabler​

  • Individual support and advice for the development of your training transfer concept

  • The certification as Transfer Designer incl personal certification interview

Live Online Sessions
(09.00 am–12.00 am)

Session 1 5 October 2021
Session 2 6 October 2021
Session 3 13 October 2021
Session 4 4 November 2021

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