Leadership program for shift leaders

Getting ahead in the production industry

No matter which challenges your production company is facing: your shift leaders are key stakeholders in solving them to get back on track and reach desired targets. Based on 20+ years of training experience in the production sector, we’ve come up with an impact-oriented and hands-on leadership development program for shift leaders. 

Shift leader’s key role

Safety issues, quality defects or unsatisfactory production performance: Experience shows that all these challenges are not so much linked to processes and structures, but first and foremost to leadership. Shopfloor employees need strong and clear guidance to be able to follow safety, quality and performance rules in the first place.

So to put it simple: The better your shift managers are able to fulfill their leadership role, the more business success you’re able to celebrate!

Sahift leaders are crucial multipliers of your company purpose and strategy and those who cascade targets down to your shopfloor employees. So investment in shift leader’s development is a direct investment in your company success! And our Shift Leader Succes Program will support you. 


The challenges

Some years ago it might have been enough to be a technical expert in order to be qualified to be shift leader, operation or production manager. Today, shift leaders face two major challenges, making leadership competencies indispensible:

A highly demanding environment: fast changing markets, high-speed living and working, information overload, high innovation pressure, digitalization, non-linearity of global developments and therefor often insecurity alongside the employee rows and a typically wide span of control.

Shift Leader Success Program

Working with hundreds of shift leaders around the globe and intensively diving into their challenges, needs, wishes and intentions, we’ve the developed the Shift Leader Success Program. It’s a well-orchestrated combination of development approaches, cooperation procedures, stakeholder inclusion as well as learning formats, topics and processes. And it’s designed for just one reason: Give your shift leaders all they need to be able to excel in their specific role!  

Cooperation process

Need clarification & tailoring process: We pick you up with all you’ve got and develop the perfect, tailor-made version of the Shift Leader Success Program together with you and key stakeholders in your company.

Pilot training: A chosen group of shift leaders runs the complete program as a pilot. This is beta test phase, if you will.  

Feedback & adjustment: In close connection with you and the pilot group, the program gets it’s finishing for maximum success in your specific company and business surrounding

International roll-out: We’re at you side to implement the program around the globe, in local language and respecting cultural specifics.


Topic network

The best-of leadership classics combined with top-notch approaches for the world we work in today and your specific production guidelines – this is the topic network of the Shift Leader Success Program. Topics can include: 

  • Clear communication
  • Conflict management
  • Self and time management
  • Delegation
  • Leadership competencies
  • Change Management
  • Agile Leadership
  • Self-awareness & Role
  • Safety
  • Quality management
  • Production performance

Success ingredients

Group composition: Participants from different plants and business units come together and learn from and with each other.

Learning infrastructure: The modular structure of the Shift Leader Success Program combines face-2-face events with online learning experiences in order to make the most of both your participant’s time and your money.  

Impact focus: Each content module is followed by a hands-on, close-accompanied transfer phase helping your participants to immediately implement what they just learned.

Connecting the dots: A development program never stands alone! We make sure that this program is perfectly embedded in your technical, structural and cultural business reality.

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