How Outstanding productivity

needs you to Slow-Down!


You probably already knew that we live in a world obsessed with performance and success.

But what you might actually didn’t know is that already back in 1969 Herbert Simon, who later on came to win a Nobel prize in economics, warned us that the growth of information would “create massive poverty of attention”.

And as predicted, today we live in an economy which rewards bad behaviors such as overcommitment, work/life imbalance and email overload, and punishes good behaviors like saying No, home-office or leaving work on time.

So, what are we really up against?

We live in an ERA that organizational academics call VUCA. A time in history they describe as:

VOLATILE and highly changing,



more AMBIGUOUS than ever!

Really! We live in a world of continuous distractions. We have now more and more new problems, problems we have never seen before! And the thing is, we are trying to surf and manage these times of VUCA and its challenges, by using the same old techniques and processes which used to work 20 years ago! 10 years ago! Even 5-year-old coping mechanisms are now obsolete.

So, what happens with productivity today?

Let us ask Andre(a):

[email protected] is the typical middle manager at a company. Is the end of the day and is getting late. [email protected] knows he should be going home from work soon. He is very tired. He knows for sure that he has been working all day doing things, but yet, he has no sense of having accomplished much.  

Can you relate to [email protected]?  How many days like this do you experience a week?

Warriors: We live in different times and we are different people with different problems and different WANTS, so of course that staying focused, productive and staying on top of your game has become much more of a challenge than ever before.

Is sad, but human beings, we are that kind of animal in the kingdom that keeps doing the same things over and over, expecting different results!

We keep using the same old tools, mindsets and “best practices” to replicate previous glory and success. You know what else is sad? That most of us don’t change unless we are FORCED TO CHANGE!

And with all due respect to all the ‘experts’ out there: there is no piece of technology, no productivity app, software, algorithm or coding sequence, which can do for you, what SLOWING-DOWN can give you right now!

We must RETHINK productivity!


We have the procedures of achievement upside down! Is like mounting on a 1967 VW beetle a 1200 horsepower Bugatti engine.



In order to learn how to work smarter and not harder, you need to slow-down enough to understand what you are currently doing. Who you have become. Your psychology. Your body. Learn how it works. Read your instruction manual! Spend time in you, and then SPEED-UP!

Are you experiencing signs of self-doubt? Paralysis for over analysis? Perfectionism? Social awkwardness or anxiety? Deteriorating relationships? Confusion? Mental fogginess? Hesitation or inability to make decisions? ALL signs that you need time for you. Slow-down enough that you and I can start a conversation around the core of productivity: your FOCUS, your CONCENTRATION spans, ATTENTION cycles, self-MOTIVATION, COMMITMENT, SELF CARE and HIGH-PERFORMANCE HABITS.

And yes warrior, it will take boldness! Or as Brene Brown would say: “It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.”

So, forget for a moment about AGILE, working in sprints, OKRs and data hacking. None of those things are going to work sustainably until you SLOW-DOWN and check in!

Is not about the pursuit of more anymore Warrior! Those are old times. Is about the Pursuit of Less and what is most essential, or as Greg McKeown brilliantly phrases it “Its about discerning the trivial many from the Vital few”.

Warrior: is all about winning the inner game, the mental game BEFORE you even can have a chance at winning truly anything outside of you. So how about going back to basics? Going back to the source? Going back to you! Ready?

Here are 8 ways of how you can start Slowing-Down and Rethinking productivity TODAY:

Tip # 1- Schedule at least 25 minutes in your calendar for thinking: create some head-pace to reflect every day!

2- Find a podcast, a course or a book that can support you with some self-reflection. Visit my own library for some inspiration.

3- Follow a role model or a thought leader, someone who inspires you every day with words of wisdom and healthy teachings

4- Take on a journaling practice

5- Learn to speed read

6- Evaluate your nutrition and exercise habits

7- Meditate 15 minutes everyday

8- invest in yourself through Coaching. Find a Coach who can walk you through this powerful life changing process and train you in High Performance habits


Remember:  your obligation is to your BEING first. Take care of that before you focus on the DOING.


I want to see your name AT THE TOP OF YOUR TO-DO LIST Warrior!

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