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Employee Training and Development Coaching & Consulting

Sooner or later, every team runs into challenging situations—whether it’s interpersonal conflict, a crisis situation, or something as trivial as getting started. As a leader, you’ve surely “been there, done that,” either with your fellow managers or the team(s) you lead.

These are situations where I can add value. In my role as a facilitator, I will provide feedback on team processes, intercultural issues, personal communication styles and stress patterns, the team’s results focus (or lack of it) and numerous other aspects. I’ll also suggest alternative approaches and, if you want me to, guide your team in pursuing them.

Individual Team & Personal Coaching

Again (as in one-on-one coaching), I will tailor my role to your situation and preferences. Some clients want me to just “be there” at team meetings (like the proverbial fly on the wall), watch what happens, take notes, perhaps give a time-out signal when I have specific feedback, and consult afterwards. Others prefer me to actively facilitate team processes and intervene as necessary. In between the two extremes, there’s a range of possible approaches.

Winning teams are always teams that work together well. Let me help you build a winning team.

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