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Corporate Leadership Development Programs

There is no set-in-stone approaches. Courageous business leaders who can relate to our values are invited to join us in all thinkable ways of cooperation.

Upcoming Corporate Leadership Development Programs

The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness

This Designer Certification turns you into an expert on the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness, a scientifically proven model that supports you in a systematic way to guide and implement transfer effectiveness in everyone of your training programs.

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  • From VUCA to BANI: How to describe the world today
  • Consequence and challenges
  • Necessary change perspectives for HR development
  • The 5 phase method in detail and how to use it for your business
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Ways of cooperation

Based on your current challenges and gladly implementing all facets of what your leadership development consists of right now, we offer you different starting points for cooperation. Contact us now for your tailored corporate leadership development programs!

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Let’s tackle your leadership challenges together

1 on 1 Coaching

Use my guidance to increase your professional fulfillment and success.

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Certifications – What makes L&D really work!

Interested in certifying your own learning designers? Becoming independent from external providers can be a smart step. Think Beyond offers renowned certifications, enabling your people to go from business need over development initiates to measurable results.

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Evaluation of learning strategies

Do you know how it feels when a huge development program is over and everyone is happy but at the same time no one has a sheet with detailed results at hand? This Corporate Leadership Development Program will solve the issue.

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Corporate Leadership Development Programs

Leadership weeks

A week filled with inspiring workshops on leadership. Online, in the office or in the privacy and comfort of a hideaway for unique team building.

Let’s get creative together.

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corporate leadership development programs

Consulting &

Let me assist you in moving to higher level of leadership effectiveness.

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Start-up coaching

Founding and growing a startup can be quite the challenge. So how can you ensure that your startup will be the one to dominate the market?

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Executive leadership coaching

This Corporate Leadership Development Program will provide you with proven tools to effectively overcome leadership challenges.

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Digital transformation coaching

Our digital transformation corporate leadership development programs teach you how to use digitization and modern technologies to elevate your Leadership Skills.

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Learning Nuggets

Our Approach

Define your Impact Focus

Driven by your company’s goals and current focus we define leading indicators as well as performance & transfer drivers. These make trackable development happen.

Tailor your Impact

Since development is highly individual—personal & organizational—standardized programs have a limited impact. We set up a strong frame that offers you highest flexibility in customizing your corporate leadership development programs according to your needs & wants.

Sustainable Impact: Embed the training into your organization

We understand that real development happens beyond the traditional approach. By covering all three levels and by making the development tangible, with clear measurable effects, we EMBED the training into your organization and support you in securing a profitable behavior.

Your best HR success awaits

Jump on a quick discovery call with our CEO Masha Ibeschitz and Learn More on how to start obtaining these amazing results for your team and organisation.

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Masha Ibeschitz

Founder and Chairperson at Think Beyond Group | Author | Investor | Reflection Guide & Coach for top-level executives

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