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Our Leadership Courses and Certifications for Leaders and Corporations

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For Corporations

Dive into the rich and extensive experience, mindset, professionalism and passion of our partners, who are at the leading edge in teaching around the world the skill of Thinking Beyond.


For Individuals

Whether you face personal, team or organizational challenges, you will find something right here that can get you started, as one of our partners guides you through this amazing journey of leadership, influence and transformation.


Meet Masha

Masha is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach with over 25 years of experience working in the field of leadership and development, who has a genuine passion for effective leadership and performance. Besides her business and administration degree, NLP masters degree and working experience in the HR field and as a lecturer, she is a certified Kirkpatrick Partner (Silver Level Certified Professional), PCM Coach, DiSG Trainer and Chief Transfer Enabler with the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness, just to name a few.

With more than 1.500 training days and over 1.000 coaching hours she is highly experienced and dedicated to sharing her knowledge and helping fellow leaders improve.

Find out more about her past experiences and qualifications!

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