Who We Are

As a collective of professionals around the world, we are driven by the innate goal to create maximum value for leaders and organisations out there. To let people tap into their most ingenious and successful selves brings joy and meaning to our craft.


Every leader* makes each decision in resonance with his/her individual personality, organisational challenges and environment.*(If you influence people in any way, you are a leader)


We support you to continuously develop, choose, achieve and adapt your targets to create a prospering environment that allows you to excel in business challenges by unfolding the individual potential of all people involved.

Added Value

In a connected, fast changing and complex world, we believe silos do nothing but stand in your way. Therefor, our work has concrete focus on connecting the dots in order to transfer development initiatives into measurable business results.

Who We Are.

At Think Beyond we work in a connected autonomy.

Everyday, we seek to create an authentic working environment that aligns with people's whole selves, as we come together to serve our customers by merging each of our own expertise, passion and individuality.

An approach to live leadership in connected autonomy

An orchestra can be a prime example of teamwork. In this video, Masha Ibeschitz, CEO of the Think Beyond Group, explains parallels between an approach to leadership and a unique interpretation of a piece of music by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Watch the full video to better understand real teamwork and to get inspired to Think Beyond.


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